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Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh
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Compressed Knitted Filters

Material: Stainless steel wire
Feature: High strength and overall rigidity
Application: Kinds Filtration Industry


Material: Sus304 316 stainless steel wire, copper wire, titanium wire or customized material

Shape: Round shape. Ring shape; rectangle shape or others

Filter Rating: 50-99%

Thickness: 2-30mm or customized

Length: 10-200mm or customized

Width: 10-200mm or customized

Wire Diameter: 0.1mm-1mm or customized

Technique: compress knitted technique

Other names: Compressed knitted wire mesh filter; stainless steel compressed knitted filter washer; wire mesh compressed gasket, knitted wire mesh mufflers, knitted mesh exhaust silencers, compressed knitted wire mesh gasket.


1. compress knitted wire mesh gasket is made of high strength stainless steel wire,then press forming by machine 
2. High strength and overall rigidity and good air permeability.
3. Excellent filtering accuracy. 
4. Good filter resistance,mechanical strength,abrasion resistance,heat resistanceand cole resistance.
5. Easy to clean,simple assembly,long replacement cycle.

mainly used for processing demister for separation of the gas inside the droplets. 
Can also be extrusion molding, for manufacturing a filtration device.