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Filter Tubes

Material: Stainless steel wire
Feature: Corrosion resistance
Application: Fuel refueling equipment filter


The stainless steel wire mesh is made of stainless steel plain woven, has a smooth channel, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, the screen will not fall off, the filter cycle is long. 

Material:ss304 wire mesh,ss316 wire mesh,ss316l wire mesh,brass wire mesh

Shape:round shape,rectangular shape, toroidal shape,square shape,oval shape,other special shape


Round shape: diameter:44 to 600mm
Toroidal shape: inner diameter 18 to 250mm, outer diameter 50 to 350mm
Rectangular shape: width 50 to 100mm, length 60 to 400mm

We can manufacture from 8 to 80 mesh for plain weave and twill weave and from 12x64 mesh to 40x200 mesh for dutch weave.

Filter, also known as binocular filter, used in high viscosity melt filtration device, easy to remove hard material and condensed, the material is stainless steel sintering felt and stainless steel sintering network, SPL filter can reuse and repeatedly washing. SPL filter is mainly used for filter press in the oil filter and oil system, Marine diesel engines and other equipment to filter, and chemical fiber industry, synthetic fiber and synthetic fiber textile spinning nozzle side before various types and other similar conditions, the spinning dope impurities in the filter.