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Nichrome Alloy Wire Mesh
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Hastelloy Wire Mesh

Material: Hatelloy B-2 B-3 c-22 c-276 wire
Feature: Corrosion resistance
Application: Petroleum industry as mud mesh


Material: Hatelloy B-2 B-3 c-22 c-276 wire 

Mest count:
Plain weave can be woven from 1- 400 mesh
Twill weave can be woven from 2- 635 mesh
Dutch wevae can be woven up to 500*3500 mesh

Hole shape: square/round hole 

Wire diameter: 0.018-2.03mm

Stock size:  1*30m/roll, 1.22*30m/roll, 1.5*30m/roll or customized.


Corrosion resistance.
Anti-acid and alkai
Anti-high temperature.
Good filter performance.
Long using life


In acid, alkali environment conditions sieving and filtering.
Petroleum industry as mud mesh.
Chemical fiber industry as screen mesh.
Plating industry as acid cleaning mesh.