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Nichrome Alloy Wire Mesh
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Nichrome Wire Mesh

Material:  Cr20Ni80, 2080, Cr20Ni35, Cr15Ni60
Feature: High temperature resistance
Application: Seawater filtration


Nichrome Wire Mesh is widely used to process heat tratment for electronic parts and components. Nickel Chromium Wire Meshes have many advantages, such as deformation ability, thermal stability, mechanical character, shockproof ability in thermal state and anti-oxidization. For heating, resistance Conveyor Belt must be stable in air when hot.

Nichrome Wire Cloth is an ideal material, because it has relatively high resistance and forms an adherent layer of chromium oxide when it is heated for the first time. Material beneath the Conveyor Belt will not oxidize, preventing the Conveyor Belt from breaking or burning out. So Nickel Chromium Wire Mesh is good for anti-corrosion and high resistant co-efficiency. So Nickel Chromium Wire Cloth is applicable for heat treatment, air-carbon furnace, chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy.

Raw material: Cr20Ni80, 2080, Cr20Ni35, Cr15Ni60

Weave Pattern: plain weave, twill weave.

Seawater filtration, in the condition of acid, alkali, salt environment, chemical industry electrode, battery industry electrode, Electronic device shielding and so on

Packing: waterproof paper with plastic cloth,then put into wooden box.

Nichrome wire mesh: 4mesh-325mesh.


Specification List of Nichrome Wire Mesh
Mesh/Inch Wire Dia
Opening mm
Opening Area
Mesh /Inch Wire Dia
Mesh Opening
Opening Area
4 1.60 4.75 56% 20 0.41 0.86 46%
8 1.19 1.98 39% 40 0.25 0.385 37%
8 0.120 0.303 51% 80 0.12 0.197 38%
10 0.89 1.65 42% 200 0.05 0.077 37%
16 0.51 1.09 46% 325 0.035 0.043 30%

Nichrome Chemical Composition %

C Cr Mn Ni S SiFe
0.15 14.0-18.0 1.0 57 0.01 0.75-1.60Rem

Nichrome: it is a blend of 60% nickel, 16% chromium and 24% iron. It retains its strength and shape at temperatures up to 1700 degrees F. It also resists oxidation and scaling.