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Powder Sintered Filter Mesh
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Sintered Powder Filter Plate

Material: Metal Fiber
Feature: Corrosion Resistance
Application: Liquid Filter


The multi-layer sintered metal mesh is a new type of filter material which is made of a multi-layer metal woven wire mesh and is manufactured by a special lamination pressing and vacuum sintering process, and has a high mechanical strength and an overall rigid structure.

Material: Metal Fiber

Hole Shape: Square

Filter Rating: 1-300um

Thickness: 1.7mm

Shape: Customers' Request

Color: Silver

Technique: Woven Wire Mesh

Feature: Corrosion Resistance

Application: Kinds Filtration Industry

Weave style: Dutch Weave


1. High strength and good rigidity: It has high mechanical strength and compressive strength, and has good processing, welding and assembly performance and is easy to use.

2. Uniform and stable accuracy: Uniform filtration performance can be achieved for all filtration precisions, and the mesh does not change during use.

3. Wide use environment: It can be used in the temperature environment of -200 ° C ~ 600 ° C and filtration of acid and alkali environment.

4. Excellent cleaning performance: good counter-current cleaning effect, can be used repeatedly, long life (can be washed by countercurrent water, filtrate, ultrasonic, melting, baking, etc.