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Sintered Wire Mesh
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Sintered Fiber Filters

Material: Metal Fiber
Feature: High precision filtering
Application: Air and gas filter


Sintered Fiber Felt is produced from non-woven fiber media which are compressed together and sintered at the elevated temperature to produce metallic fiber felt media.

Material: Stainless Steel wire 304 316 316L and FeCrAl, 310S, Monel, Hastelloy,Inconel, nickel, titanium or as per request...

Filtration precision Micron size: 3-100micron 

Layers:1 2 3 layers or customized 

Hole Shape: square or round

Filter Rating: 90-99%

Thickness: 0.5mm-5mm or customized, 1mm-5mm or customized

Length: 1.5m, 1M 1.2M

Width: 1.5mm, 0.6M 0.5M

Sizes of Sintered stainless steel mesh:500x1000mm, 600x1200mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x1200mm etc

Shape: a plate square, round, ad rectangle ...

Contructure of sinterede mesh screen: Protective Layer, Control Layer, Dispersion Layer and Reinforcing Layer.


      ---High Temperature resistance
      ---Corrosion Resistance
      ---High Filtering Efficiency
      ---Metallic capacities, such as noise reduction,hot resistance,heat conduction,high strength and etc
      ---Long working lifetime 

Usage: Air and gas filter, High precision filtering