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Sintered Wire Mesh
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Sintered Metal Plate

Material: Metal
Feature: Good strength and rigidity
Application: Air Filter


Filter precision: 1μm, 5um, 10um,30um,50micron

Material: 306,316, 304, 316L, Monel 400 K-500

Shape: square, round, special shape, can be customized.

Thickness: 1.7mm

Length: 30mm 

Width: 20mm

Absolute filtration accuracy: 1-100μm

Bubbling pressure: 3000-3800Pa

Usage: Air Filter

Multi-layer sintered wire mesh is a new type filter mesh. This filter mesh with higher mechanical strength and integral rigidity which is composed of multi layers of wire mesh laminated in a particular way and sintered together in a vacuum oven. 

Apertures of every layers are interlaced to build an ideal and uniform filter structure, which determines its advantages much better than regular wire mesh,such as high strength, good rigidity, fixing size of aperture. The aperture size, permeability and strength of wire mesh are composable and devisable, meshes that owns this structure can present excellent performance of filter precision, filter resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion and heat resistance, machinability, as a result the comprehensive performance is thoroughly better than other filter medias.

Main Applications

1. Gas homogenization in particles industry, fluid plate in metal industry.
2. Decentralized cooling in extreme heat environment.
3. Filtration, cleaning and drying of materials in pharmaceutical industry.
4. Fluidization of pulverized coal injection in BF and concentrated phase transfer system.
5. Supporting bracket of catalyst.
6. Apply to fluid bed of gas distribution.


① Air diffuser
② Flame arrestor
③ Rupture disk
④ Water treatment
⑤ Sand control pipe
⑥ Pipe filter
⑦ Fluidized bed
⑧ Automatic self-cleanning filter

Standard Five-layers Sintered Wire Mesh

Five-layers sintered wire mesh is a widely used new type filter media in standard structure which is composed of five layers of wire mesh stacked orderly and sintered in a vacuum oven. The five layers are precision, high strength and easy backwashing etc.

Good strength and rigidity.
High precision and stable performance.
Corrosion resistance and heat resistanc.