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Molybdenum Wire Mesh

Material: Pure molybdenum wire 
Feature: Acid, alkali, high temperature
Application: Petroleum, chemical


Molybdenum with properties similar to tungsten, molybdenum has a high strength to weight ratio, is not subject to hydrogen embrittlement. The molybdenum wire mesh is often purposeful in the metallurgical applications and chemical operations. It is extensively utilized in the applications that require aggressive heating like aircraft parts, electrical joints and commercial motors.

Material: Pure molybdenum wire 

Mesh count:
Plain weave up to 300 mesh
Dutch weave up to  500x3500 mesh

Weave type: Plain/twill/dutch woven

Mesh width: 5-2000mm,can be customized

Mesh length: 1-30m/roll, can be customized


Low density and high specific strength
Excellent corrosion resistance, in the corrosion environment, it will form an oxidation film layer to protect wire msh from being corroded.


Shipbuilding , war industry manufacturing , chemical filter , mechanical filter , desalination filter , high temperature vacuum equipment , and medicine filtration industries etc.

Packing: waterproof paper with plastic cloth,then put into wooden box.