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Nichrome Alloy Wire Mesh
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Nickel Wire Mesh

Material: Pure nickel(N2 N4 N6 N8) wire
Feature: Anti-corrosion, wear-resisting
Application: Industry


Nickel net, is mainly used in acid, alkali environment conditions screening and separation with gas, liquid filtration, and other media. We can supply other special material wire mesh products,such as: Nickel Wire Mesh (Ni-Cr),monel wire mesh,titanium wire mesh and so on.

Material: Nickel 200(N4), Nickel 201(N6), N2 N8 wire

Wire diameter: 0.01-2.03mm

Mesh Count:
Plain/twill:1-635 mesh
Dutch: 12x64 to 500x3500 mesh

Weave type: Plain/twill/dutch/ five huddle weave

Roll width: 0.5m 1m 1.22m 1.5m...

Roll length: 1-30m/roll

High electrical conductivity
Corrosion,acid, alkali, heat, wear resistance
Good conductivity and ductility


Usually used for the nickel current battery collector, Electronics, oil mining, chemical ,food ,and other areas.

Weave type

Chemical Composition