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Titanium Wire Mesh

Material: TA1 TA2 GR1 GR2 pure titanium wire
Feature: Low density and high specific strength
Application: Filtration industries

Titanium mesh is lightweight and about 60% of the specific gravity of stainless steel wire mesh, thermal expansion coefficient is about 50% of the stainless steel wire cloth. In addition, about half of the stainless steel mesh and has a initialized modulus is also flexible nature.

characteristics: Chemical resistance is a summary of the nitric acid - strong acid system, and withstand seawater, also wet chlorine gas. For high-strength, corrosion resistance without deterioration due to cold, stress corrosion, has a feature almost no pitting.

Titanium wire mesh is used for living organisms because non-toxic, it can be used such as artificial bone, will also be in direct, fit into the body. And other chemical equipment, oil refining equipment, industrial equipment, etc. It can also be used for pulp and paper.

Material: TA1 TA2 GR1 GR2 pure titanium wire

Types: Black titanium wire mesh ; bright titanium wire mesh

Mesh count:
Plain weave up to 100 mesh
Dutch weave up to  70*400 mesh

Weave type: Plain/twill/dutch woven

Mesh width: 5-2000mm,can be customized

Mesh length: 1-30m/roll, can be customized


Low density and high specific strength
Excellent corrosion resistance, in the corrosion environment, it will form an oxidation film layer to protect wire msh from being corroded.


Shipbuilding , war industry manufacturing , chemical filter , mechanical filter , desalination filter , high temperature vacuum equipment , and medicine filtration industries etc.