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Magnetic Stainless Steel 410 430 Woven Wire Mesh

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430/410 stainless steel wire mesh is commonly known as stainless steel wire mesh.It has very good magnetic conductivity and thermal conductivity, also called magnetic stainless steel wire mesh, stainless iron wire mesh, magnetic stainless iron wire mesh. 18-0 or 18/0, too low nickel content, chromium content 16% -18%, with strong magnetic properties. Main size is 1-300 mesh. both commonly used in food, minerals,sugar industry, iron sifting, filtration.


Brief Details 

Material:410(SUS410, S41000), 430(SUS430, S43000)

Weave Type: Plain Weave, Dutch Weave, Twill Weave

Mesh Count:1-300

Applications: Mainly used in industrial filtering, food industry filtering, sugar industry filtering etc.


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