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Reverse Dutch Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Reverse Dutch weave wire mesh is woven using two sizes of wire. Smaller wires are used in the warp direction and are woven with a larger cross wire. The smaller wires are woven tightly together, providing a tight mesh for filtering. The larger wire provides strength to the mesh. The primary uses of this wire cloth are filtration and separation of liquid and slurry products.

1. Other name:  Automatic belt filter for plastic extruder,  plastic melt filter,  plastic belt filter: automatic type filter belt, Reverse dutch weave wire mesh/cloth/screen 

2. Material: High quality stainless steel 304 201 316 316L grade, black wire cloth or customized. 

3. Weaving Type:  Plain and Twill reverse dutch weaving

4. Features: smooth surface and high hardness , continuous network, no deformation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flexible mesh, excellent filtration performance, and ect.

5. Roll Size: the general length is 10-20 meters long, the width is 40mm-210mm, the mesh number is 48 mesh-325 mesh, the maximum width is up to 50 cm, and the special specifications can be produced as per your requirement. 


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